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2016 Winner

Louisiana Office of Tourism
Louisiana Travel & Twitter Amplify Open Campaign


The Louisiana Office of Tourism launched a Twitter campaign called, “Amplify Open,” to expand upon a culinary-focused television campaign they had been running, as a vehicle tell visitors about an early crawfish season.
Louisiana had an unseasonably warm winter, so crawfish season came earlier than usual. The Louisiana Office of Tourism needed a creative way to tell that story. They wanted to reach a wider audience than traditional television, and social media was a way to expand upon an existing campaign.
Louisiana Office of Tourism’s typical television ad spots are 15 and 30 seconds long, allowing for ample time to let a story unfold. Since Louisiana wanted to expand into a social media space, videos on Twitter were selected as a viable option since they are limited to 6 seconds of pre-roll.
Louisiana used these Amplify Open spots with a text overlay and no sound, as most social media videos are consumed. They focused more on eye-catching visuals. Because the videos were targeted to people with Louisiana-specific interests, the campaign was aligned against premium and organic video content.
Over the course of three weeks, the campaign generated 548,000 views. The ad view rate was 32 percent at $.07 cost per view, outperforming previous Twitter benchmarks.


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