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Step 1: Complete online application. 
Step 2: Upload media files.
Step 3: Submit payment. 


Step 1: Complete online application.

The 2021 ESTO Awards are OPEN!

  1. Create your account information.
  2. Enter which program you are submitting to: either Destiny or Mercury (See the "Eligibility and Guidelines" page if you are unsure).
  3. Fill out each application page.
  4. If you leave an application page before completing your submission, you can come back and finish it later. To do this, you will need to fill out your username and password that you created at the beginning of the entry process.


Step 2: Upload media files.

  1. In the event that your entry is a category winner, it is required that each entry include at least two (2) high-resolution .jpg or .png files for display and presentation purposes.
  2. Media files from winning entries will be displayed at the awards presentation on large screens. It is important that all media files submitted with your entry are at a high quality, HD standard.
  3. Submitting a variety of media files (photos, infographics, videos, URLs, etc.) better showcases your organization’s work to the judges.


Step 3: Submit payment.

There is a $125 entry fee per submission.

  1. Once you have saved your application and are ready to submit, choose the “Add to Cart” button.
  2. Click on “Checkout.”
  3. Enter your credit card information.
  4. Click “Process.”
  5. Payments are nonrefundable.
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