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2016 Winner

Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau
American Airlines Tray Tables Activation


The Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau purchased media on the tray tables of 7,000 domestic American Airlines planes in an effort to capture the attention of travelers in the midst of their vacation mindset.
Dallas is often positioned as a convention and meetings destination, and its goal was to grow potential visitors’ awareness of Dallas’s leisure offerings.
This media buy with American Airlines was a new opportunity in the industry. It was a unique way to engage potential visitors with a one of a kind, interactive experience. The placement hoped to bring the Dallas brand to consumers who were already in the travel mindset. The targeted audience proved to be captive given the sedentary nature of airline travel, and would be looking for activities in which to engage.
In partnership with Gogo In-Flight, American Airlines’ internet provider, customers were able to access free Wi-Fi if they visited the ExploreDallasNow.com URL found on their tray table. Once users logged on, they could discover their travel personality through a quiz and in turn, receive a trip itinerary that matched their answers with Dallas destinations and activities. This strategy allowed Dallas to collect a new database of travelers interested in future travel to Dallas.
This unique campaign significantly increased customer awareness of Dallas’s leisure product mix. There was a 75 percent completion rate for the quiz, and the quiz generated 205,980 Gogo banner ad impressions. Dallas got national recognition for the campaign when Forbes.com put it in the top five 2015 destination marketing tactics of the year.


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